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The quirky and fun side of cycling with blogs, stories, reports, interesting info and first-hand tips written by local cyclists and those in the know…

  • Cycling… I wish I knew – Rider blog: tips for beginners that you’ll want to know or wish you did when you started
  • Notes on a sportive – Rider blog: the training, preparation, doubts, trials and elation of riding that bit further.

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Milton Keynes Weather
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  • Time     Temp.     Chance of rain
  • 1:00pm 12°C 0%
  • 2:00pm 12°C 0%
  • 3:00pm 12°C 0%
  • 4:00pm 13°C 0%
  • 5:00pm 13°C 3%
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Redway reporting
Help us keep the Redways in tip-top condition. Report any problems including potholes, faulty lighting, obstructions and overhanging trees.