Broughton Cycling Group ‘Couch to 50K’

First 3 rides FREE. Must be a BCG member by your 4th ride.

Not ridden for a while? Go from couch to 50km in just 4 weeks with this introductory ride programme with the local Broughton Cycling Group.

The BCG ‘Flourish’ ride programme supports riders to build their confidence riding in a group on the road as well as build up to a distance of 50km over 4 rides in a month.

Progress together as a group

The same group progresses together to support each other on their journey. We build up to the 50km gradually and we also have a coffee stop around half way around.

Experienced ride leaders

A variety of ride leaders take part throughout the programme to support you and answer any questions you may have, from bikes, clothing, nutrition – in fact, anything cycling related.

What have others said about Flourish:

“Taking part in Flourish gave me a foundation to build on. I’m more confident on the roads and riding in groups, I’m also enjoying meeting new people. We’ve improved as cyclists and achieved a distance that I thought was near impossible. In addition to that I’ve found a love of cycling.” Steph

“To say that the Flourish programme has had a significant impact on my life would not be an over statement. I was apprehensive about cycling bigger distances in case I got a puncture and got stuck away from home with no way to get back and didn’t really know what routes to take and the distances. I cycle every week now and most weeks I see people from the Flourish programme. I have got to know a lot of other people too.  It has been one of the best things I have done since moving to MK .” Kathleen

“I can honestly say that BCG Flourish changed my life for the better. I’m having great exercise and good times”. Lynn


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