National Walk to Work Day

Change your routine on Walk to Work Day to lead a more efficient life.

Modern life is busy, everyone is in a rush, all of the time. But how much of an impact is that constant dashing about in the car having on your health and wellbeing? Walk to Work Day is a chance to change up your routine, add a little more time to it, and see how a slower start to your day can lead to a more efficient life overall.

In this age of growing awareness about how being sedentary effects our health, walking to work can make a huge difference in our lives, and our lifespans. Over 5 million deaths worldwide are attributed to inactivity and it causes one in six deaths overall according to a British Heart Foundation report in 2017.

Walking to Work Day was introduced to encourage people to be mindful of their health and their carbon footprint. It’s a great excuse to treat yourself to that latte on the way to work, as your reward for all those extra calories burned.


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