National Work From Home Day

Try working from home to avoid the rush hour and enjoy a better work life/balance.

National Work From Home Day aims to get employers and employees thinking about the option of working from home and all the benefits it can bring, from avoiding the rush-hour to creating a better work/life balance.


The Work Wise UK website provides some resources and information for people thinking about working from home with tips on available apps and technology for efficient modern working. There are also some handy videos and a blog to help advocate the benefits of working from home.

Get Connected

Take a look at our Get Connected pages to find more information and tips to help you get started working from home, including useful apps and technology to help you and your colleagues or customers stay in touch while you are out of the office.

The aim of Work Wise Week and National Work from Home Day is to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home.

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