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MK Move Is Live

The Milton Keynes ‘Moove’ multi-operator bus ticket has moved to a smart card, similar to London Oyster cards!

The cards known as the ‘MKMove’ offer a 1 day, 7 day and 28 day passes and also have a pay as you go purse, so you can load the card with money before setting off and just ask the driver for the trip you want, no messing around with change!

The paper based MK Moove ceased on 7th November 2020 and will not be sold or accepted on buses.

Any feedback or reports to Customer Services at:

If you wish to report issues with a bus or driver please contact the operator directly.

Cards can be used on buses with the following operators, Arriva, Redline, Uno, Red Rose, Vale, Z&S and Stagecoach from the 30th October.

With operators not accepting cash due to Covid 19 this is a great alternative if you don’t have a contactless bank card.

You can register, buy and add value to your card below.  Once you have your card additional top ups can be done online through your account, with collection at any one of the on-street devices or you can top up using one of the larger ticket vending machines.  You can also buy your card at one of the larger machines, but please register it promptly or we will not be able to help with any enquiries.

For more information please read through our FAQs.

Read about this scheme in;

MK Move – Polish

MK Move – Urdu

MK Move – Tamil



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