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Going electric on bus route 7

Milton Keynes are again leading the way as a low carbon city with our fleet of electric buses which have been on our roads since 2014. Our first electric bus went in to service on the Arriva number 7 route on Sunday 19 Jan 2014. Two years on, route number 7 has 8 electric buses running along it, charging up at Wolverton and Bletchley on the underground charging plates.

Electric buses reduce CO2 emissions

The electric buses have replaced seven diesel buses on the number 7 route removing approximately 500 tonnes of tailpipe CO2 emissions per year as well as 45 tonnes of other tailpipe emissions. Additionally, the initiative could reduce bus running costs by between £12-15k per annum..

The project has been such a success there are plans to bring another 11 new electric buses to the city and the project has been recognised for Excellence in Technology at the National Transport Awards.

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