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Go green with an electric vehicle

In Milton Keynes we’re making it easy to switch to a fully electric or hybrid car. We have an extensive network of electric vehicle charging points dotted around the borough, take a look at our interactive map to find one convenient to you.

Switching to an electric car has a number of benefits for you and the wider community. You might have lots of questions about the technology, but so has everyone else so we’ve provided some additional information to help you make the next step.

Is an electric car right for you?

Electric cars are cleaner, greener, quieter and fun to drive. But after a century we’re all used to the internal combustion engine and have lots of questions about new technology. If you are curious about the different types of electric vehicle available, how far you can drive on a charge and how many electric charging points are around, the go ultra low website has everything you need to know.

Grants for electric vehicles and charging units

The government fully support the switch to electric vehicles and to show their commitment there are a number of grants you can get your hands on – up to 35% of the purchase price for eligible vehicles, up to a maximum of £4,500 and up to £500 towards the cost of a home charging unit. Grants are also available for motorcycles, mopeds and vans. Find out more about the low emission vehicles that are eligible for a plug in grant.

Free parking for electric (ULEV) vehicles

Electric vehicles which meet the appropriate ULEV standard will qualify for a green CMK parking permit which will allow you to park in CMK for free under certain circumstances.

EV Experience Centre

The Milton Keynes’ EV Experience Centre allows you to test drive a range of vehicles and speak to dedicated EV gurus eager to share everything there is to know about electric vehicles.

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EV Charge Points
Find an EV charge point, check its status or report a fault.