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Free parking for electric vehicles

Milton Keynes Council encourages the use of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) by offering local incentives including a wide network of dedicated charging points across the borough and a free Green CMK Parking Permit.

You can view all of the electric vehicle charge points in Milton Keynes on our interactive map.

Green CMK parking permit

A green CMK parking permit will allow ULEV’s to park for free in the standard rate parking bays (purple bays). Please see our Central Milton Keynes parking map for an overview of all the purple bays.

Charges still apply to premium (red) bays. The parking restrictions for charging bays remain unchanged, and the vehicles will need to be charging in certain electric vehicle bays – please check the on street signage.

Apply for a green CMK parking permit

To qualify for the free permit, the vehicle must be classified as a ULEV in line with the criteria set by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (PDF, 140KB). The criteria is that vehicles must be either wholly electric or plug in hybrids with a range of at least 15 miles on pure electric.

To apply for a permit please complete the online permit application. Your vehicle will then be registered as a qualifying ULEV, and can enjoy free parking in Central Milton Keynes.

Unlike most other permits available, you do not need to either work or live in Central Milton Keynes, as long as your vehicle meets the emissions criteria.

Please note: Vehicles with emissions above 75g/km but below 100g/km will still need to purchase the Green Permit at a cost of £195 per annum. Applicants who hold a green parking permit that was issued before 4 April 2013 and the CO2 emissions are between 101 (g/km) and 120 (g/km) are still able to apply for a new green permit for the duration that they remain the owner of the said vehicle.

2018 Milton Keynes Electric Vehicle Charging Tariffs:

For more details about charges and membership visit the Chargemaster website



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