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Becoming a greener workplace

Get Smarter Travel in MK is working with employers and businesses across Milton Keynes to provide practical support to help you encourage your employees to travel more sustainably.

Encouraging people who travel to your place of work to use smarter travel choices can have huge benefits to your organisation, as well as your employees. Take a look at some of the many benefits listed in the Benefits section at the bottom of the page.  For more help and advice to become a greener workplace visit the Get to Work section.

Travel Plans and Modeshift STARSfor

Get Smarter Travel in MK encourages organisations to show commitment to active and sustainable travel by providing advice and support to help workplaces produce a Modeshift STARS for Business travel plan.

Creating a travel plan will help you to assess current travel patterns and identify key initiatives to change travel behaviour. Through an online Modeshift portal, workplaces can monitor their travel plan, update it and apply for a nationally recognised award by implementing sustainable travel measures.

Workplace initiatives and challenges

Check out our events and workplace challenges that your organisation can get involved in to promote and encourage active and sustainable travel.

Ride to Work Week, National Walking Month and Cycle September are just some of the initiatives we support.

Corporate Responsibility and BREEAM

Enabling employees and business operations to use sustainable transport methods is part of an organisations Corporate Responsibility; it introduces internationally recognised good practice, encouraging investment and the potential to recruit high calibre employees.

Thinking of relocating your business premises to Milton Keynes? Make sure you check the BREEAM rating (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assesment Method) of your new building. A rating of BREEAM Excellent is likely to have good sustainable transport links.

Business Travel Networks and Employee Benefits

For large employers, it is sometimes possible to arrange discounts for staff with transport operators. Employers may like to consider joining a travel network such as Smartgo Milton Keynes, who offer a range of member benefits including travel offers for employees of member organisations.  SmartGo Milton Keynes is a part of a national scheme to help employers encourage low-carbon transport by providing offers on buses, trains, bikes, gyms and more.

Encouraging your employees to be more active on the journey to and from work can have real benefits for your business – people who are physically active take less sick leave, this can equate to significant savings in terms of productivity and lost time.

We can provide a range of support to help encourage active travel.

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